We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Start-up Services

We help our clients to capitalize on market dynamics and changing business landscapes to build into a healthy entity ready to take on the future and unlock its market potential”

Validation of Business Plans

We help create an efficient market entry strategy for India, helping you reduce costs by preventing mistakes from the very start of your expansion plan

Validation of Business ideas

We know the market, new market trends and customer needs. We can help you in validating your business ideas by giving you feedbacks by our experts

Speaking Services

Management Committee Meetings Business Review Meetings Strategy and Annual Offsite Conferences Regional Sales and Marketing Meets Strategy and People Workshops Openers for New Recruits / Trainee Induction programs


The Lockstep Way

The idea of lockstep salaries is simple: workers should be paid equally for equal levels of experience or title. Thus, a newly-minted college graduate should be paid consistently throughout a company, and all vice presidents should be paid the same. To receive a higher salary, a worker should get promoted or stay longer at a […]

Lockstep Salaries Are Making A Comeback

With the closing of the Mad Men era, what is old is popular once again. Silicon Valley may be known for its colorful workplaces and free catered lunches, but its true innovation in compensation was exchanging the rigid tenure-based salary systems of East Coast professional firms for the meritocracy of the pure labor market. Everyone […]

Popularity in Silicon Valley

Lockstep salaries are in some ways hardly new in Silicon Valley. Almost all large technology companies have a sort of lockstep salary structure, built around salary bands that depend on specific title and years of experience. While there is some potential to negotiate larger salaries, that effort is probably better spent on transitioning to faster-growing […]

Optimizing every area of your business!

From market research, design and prototyping to production and delivery, we cover it all.


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