Long Distance Mentoring

One of the  key service of Mentorvilla is Distance Mentoring
Distance mentoring has a number of benefits. Consider the following:
1. It opens up new pairing opportunities: If proximity isn’t necessary, then you are not limited to who you can have for a mentoring partner.
2. Lessons restrictions of location, time: Being able to use electronic media for your interactions opens up locations and times that 
you would not have if the interaction was always face to face. If you travel, or work odd hours, you can still reach out and communicate with your mentoring partner.
3. Allows for more thought on interactions: Since communication does not have to be real time, there are opportunities to be thoughtful about your reactions and input. You can say things the way you want, with thought and consideration.

  We guarantee full confidentiality of your business idea, business plans, related documents and financials.

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