Our Mentoring Services are Geared towards a very select Senior to Top Management Audiences who are already in the C-Suite or are aspiring to be so in the Very Near Term.

Since our Process is very hands on based Face to Face meetings, Skype Calls or Telephones, we are very particular about who we engage with and at any given point of time will have Very limited Mentoring Slots.As a mentor can help you• Assess your strengths and weaknesses,

  • As well as help you develop skills for success and a long-range career plan.
  • Help you navigate the company culture and politics,
  • As well as discuss and share your opinions, views and fears about other key players and role contenders and peers and subordinates in your organizations.
  • You can also work through career and workplace problems with your mentor's assistance.
  • A mentor can provide a fresh perspective -- a new way of looking at a problem or issue. You can bounce ideas off your mentor. Look for a relationship in which the mentor is more coach than adviser -- one in which the mentor facilitates your decision-making process by suggesting alternatives rather than telling you what to do.

Ideally, your mentor will motivate you to do your best work.