Creation of Investor Pitch Book & Investment Memorandum

The main pitchbook provides general overview about your Venture. Pitch books are often quite long and detailed so that they provide adequate information to the potential bAngels and VCs and other investors. A pitch books clearly defines the Vison, Market Opportunity, your product team and financial projections of your Start-Up venture.

Raising capital from investors is difficult and time consuming. Therefore, it’s crucial that a business absolutely nails its investor pitch deck and articulates a compelling and interesting story. It is quite possible that if the Investor is not able to understand what you are set to communicate, he just gets dis-interested in the Funding Option and switched off. Besides, most investors see several Plans and Pitches every month and are interested in “Picking Out the Real Winners”.

While you know everything about “your Start-up” and are rather passionate about it , you also need to communicate it well!

Our Pitch Book creation service provides you the needed guidance and assistance through our experience and knowledge gathered across several years to put together a Complete Investment Package consisting of

  1. Elevator Pitch that can be used in Competitions, Business Plan events, Speed Funding events and Basic introduction to Investors at Start-Up Events
  2. An abridged No name Investment Teaser Presentation and
  3. Introductory Mail that can be sent out to potential Investors, Angels and Seed funds or even Incubators and Accelerators.
  4. An Information Memorandum-Pitchbook in word document based on the Business Plan created by the Venture Founders and submitted in Excel Format


       A detailed Investor Presentation on MS PowerPoint for presentations to VCs, PE Finds, Angel Funds, Angel Networks, Seed Funds or Strategic Investors, after they have expressed their initial interest and         ask for detailed Deck r a presentation

     5. Standard Non- Disclosure Agreement in Letter Format that you could request the Investors to sign up if a lot of Proprietary Information, Tech-IP, or detailed financial information is being sought and you feel that this needs to be protected.

Further we also offer these OPTIONAL Services

  1. Standard and Customised FAQs and that you could encounter during Investor Meetings
  2. Face to Face presentation Preparation and guidance for facing Investors and preparing for Viable response and answers to the same. In-fact if time permits, we can even schedule a practice question and answer session with the Founders and Key Persons of the Start-Up team and our Mentors
  3. Discuss the Dos and Don’ts before meeting the Investors or making a

The mentoring will be carried out in multiple session depending on pre-planned schedule after the first mentoring round. Fill our introductory form to help us know you and your business. 

Payments for 'Creation of Investor Pitchbook' service is as follows:

Advance payment of Rs.7,000

Per session payment of Rs.7,000 thereafter


      We guarantee full confidentiality of your business idea, business plans, related documents and financials.

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