Entity creation & Founder’s Agreement

Entity Formation and Founder’s Agreement

Staring a business involves a whole lot of things than just coming up with an interesting business idea and thinking of a name for your company. The not so fun part of starting a business involves all the paperwork and the legal activities. As an entrepreneur you also need to think about what the entity structure will be

  •        know all the places where you need to register your company
  •        the long list of government approvals to be done,
  •        At Mentorvilla we help you address all these questions and handhold you in the process to set-up your own business.

The program brings a full range of administrative, accounting and tax services to your business in the nascent stage by our highly qualified mentors.

And now that your entity is formed you may also want to think about the numerous ‘What-if’ situations that can arise later within the founders. We help you create your founders agreement which is a guide recording the equity structure, roles & responsibility, ownership details and other formalities.


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