In-person Getting Hired Coaching Service

Landing a Great Job is a big challenge and it gets bigger as the pyramid gets narrower. We can help you achieve the success that you deserve in your “Next Job Interview”. Our Unique Interview Guidance Service offers a highly practical training and guidance through our One-on One Job Interview Coaching clinics.

Interviews are tougher than ever, and this can be a daunting experience for the best of us Many potential candidates will be not be “Super Prepared” and not be confident or focused enough to face the Interviewers, and few, if any, will Prepare, Practice, Rehearse and receive Interview Guidance or Interview Coaching.

Research has shown that in a majority of cases it is the candidate who is

     • Prepared for the interview process
     • Cool, Calm, Composed, Confident
     • Can narrate his story Coherently, Convincingly and Completely
     • Ready to demonstrate his “worth, suitability and fit
     • Clear about his Goals
     • A Good and Fair Negotiator
     • Well groomed with excellent Meeting Etiquette
     • Establishes a connect with the Recruiter

Thorough preparation significantly improves your chances of Sailing Past the Interviewers and ensure that you will be the one who will “grab the job” and also negotiate a desired Role and befitting “Compensation Package”
Our “Getting Hired Coaching Service” is targeted to assist you towards improving your chances of getting selected. You work closely with an experienced Interview Coach and Guide.

Our Typical clients include

     • Top Management Personnel
     • C-Suite Executives
     • Country Heads
     • SBU Heads
     • Functional Heads
     • Middle Management personnel with a potential to move into “Senior Management Roles”

The interview coaching and training sessions are designed to give you an inside look at the other side of the desk.

Find out First-Hand how to
     • Present Yourself more Impact fully
     • Maintain Recruiter Interest
     • Frame your answers for maximum scores and impact
     • Sail through the entire process
     • Negotiate a Top Dollar Compensation Package

Surely at this “initial stage” the employer / recruiter will be considering a few more equally possible candidates with similar profiles.
“Mentor Villa Getting Hired Coaching Service” is delivered through an Intensive Face to Face+ Skype+ Phone based package designed to


  1. Fine Tuning your Resume to reflect your Real Potential and make you “Stand Out”
  2. Identifying and Stating the Real Value you will add and Highlighting your Core Competencies and Skills that you can bring to the Potential Employer.
  3. Learning to Communicate “Why you are the Ideal Candidate
  4. Refine your communication techniques across various formats of Interviews conducted by Employers
  5. Build Confidence to be able to Re-cap your Unique Strengths, Achievements and “Job Fit
    Practice through "Mock Interviews "or
  6. Simply gain through our "in-depth" personal guidance service, to identify and remedy a specific problem that you may be encountering regularly.
  7. Fine-tuning and Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile so that you are so that you are identified by Executive Search Agencies and Potential Employers

The hiring process for Top Management and C-Suite positions has become rather rigorous and sophisticated and can include
     • Tele- Presence Meetings
     • Conference Calls,
     • Psychometric Tests,
     • One on One Meetings,
     • Panel Interviews,
     • Assessment Centres,
     • Situational Interviewing,
     • Case Studies
     • A thorough Referencing and Background check.