Mentor Villa Getting Hired Coaching Service” is a personalised and individually service provided to “high potential” corporate executives seeking to Improve their Chances of getting hired by employers or through Search Firms

to and consists of:

Three One-on-One Confidential sessions.

  1. The First 2 hour Session is devoted to “Understanding your Corporate Journey this far, your Career Goals and Aspirations, The Jobs and Roles that you are seeking and an initial Assessment of your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  2. In the Second 2 hour Session We devote ample time with each Potential Hire and to prepare for Face To Face Interview Guidance, Strength and Weakness Analysis,  Prepare for expected questions, Build Clarity, Focus and Confidence, review of upgraded CV and Linked-IN profile
  3. The Third 2 hour Session is a Mock Interview Session covering a Face to Face interview, Phone call Interview, Soft Skills, Role and Compensation Negotiation guidance, expected issues, problem areas and any other specifics.
  4. If there is a felt-need we can assign an extra session on a pro-rata fee basis.

All our sessions are Confidential and Conducted by appointment only in our Mumbai office. This is the most preferred method. For select outstation candidates we work through SKYPE or Phone.

When we entertain special requests for a phone session, which is exceptional, it is done for maximum 30 minutes at a time only for a maximum of 8 sessions.

When and how should you Contact Us?

You can contact us at any of the following three stages

  1. Just initiating a “New Job Search Process”
  2. When you are expecting Interview Calls or
  3. Immediately after a Recruiter or Potential Employer has contacted you for a meeting

The best way to connect is by

  1. Filling up our contact form and explaining briefly your current stage and background. We will call back within 24 hours. This allows us to study your background and not ask the “Obvious Questions” on phone.
  2. Call 91-22-28228142 for a call back. Please insist on giving your Cell Phone number and email id to Yogesh Khetale for the same.
  3. Write to us on chandni@mentorvilla.com or yogesh@mentorvilla.com
  4. Simply SMS your details and request for call back on +91-9820065332

It is best to book your session in advance as all our mentors are busy and need adequate time to prepare for your sessions and give you the attention you deserve.