Mentoring for Start-Up Entrepreneurs can be a very Evolved, Engaging, Formal and structured process with regular meetings which follow a specific agenda and set of goals. It is an opportunity for the Founder Teams to gain from the Talent, Experience, Knowledge and Insights of the Mentors.

The Key aspects of Mentoring is, that it’s not just a one-off meeting, or opportunity to pick the brain of a more experienced entrepreneur. If nurtured well, Mentoring can blossom into a meaningful ongoing relationship, where both the MENTOR and MENTEE are committed to achieving certain goals and willing to live up to their end of the commitment.

Occasions when Start-Ups Founders and Team need the support and the Insights Experienced of Mentors

  1. Issues related to Quitting a Job to Become an Entrepreneur
  2. Validating your Business Idea
  3. Enrolling Co-Founders and Start Up Team
  4. Learning to Boot Strap
  5. Firming up the Business Idea- Finalising the Business Model
  6. Firming up the Revenue Model
  7. Meeting Potential Investors- Angels, SeedFunds
  8. Analysing Term Sheets and Accepting an Investor`s Offer,
  9. Scale Up and Execution
  10. Opening Doors and Lead Generation

Investors feel more comfortable when

  1. They come across Start Up teams who can communicate what they are doing, plan to do and which gaps they want to monetise in the market.
  2. So it is important to be able to communicate your Business Model and USP very succinctly and with conviction.
  3. The Co-founding team is coachable, and are able and willing to learn and grow into larger and different roles as the business changes and expands. Entrepreneurs need a balance of knowing when to listen and shift previous strategies and when to be steadfast in their pursuit.
  4. A team that they fall in love with and want to work with. Hands-On investors with a lot of experience will devote a lot of time with this team advising, listening, and encouraging and motivating.
  5. However great the team is, it can only be successful if they are tackling a real problem with real customers, a large enough market size and a real business mode. Investors need to understand the Size and Scale of the Opportunity and the Growth Rates the team can deliver.
  6. Further we need to state
    • Who are the current and potential Customers and how do they fulfil this need today and at what price?
    • How many could they be? How large could this business eventually grow up to be?
    • What will they be ready to pay for these services? Will the costs and price structure allow for reasonable profits to be made?
    • Who will your business compete with?

Some investors do invest based on instinct while others do so based on numbers. In most cases Angel Investing is a leap of faith and Founding teams need to instill that.

At Mentor Villa we will work closely to get you “Investor Meeting” ready and more prepared to succeed in your Venture.

Investors meet hundreds of Start-Up teams and select and eliminated based on Rules and Templates. How do you ensure that your Venture attracts their Faith & Fancy.