Validation of Business Ideas

Is company job disappointing you? need to start your own business? otherwise you associate degreed your cluster of friends need to begin your own huge start-up? otherwise you are a private UN agency is fervid to be an entrepreneur?

currently that you just are here, means that you have got had the large ‘Eureka’ moment of a business plan and need to begin it as before long as potential. however before you're thinking that of investment time and cash into your idea and risking the value to make a start-up why not act and acquire your plan valid.

while there’s no guarantee whether or not the business can succeed or not, there ar stuff you will do this give pointers on the industrial strength of your plan. typically entrepreneurs can have feedback from family and friends, whereas they will be real, they will be too near to you to produce associate degree honest opinion.

At Mentorvilla, our service of validation of business plan not simply provides you with honest feedback we tend to additionally back it up with our own professional data and findings. Avail our service to grasp your business plan on varied levels such as:

  • Suitability
  • Scalability
  • Do-ability
  • Sustainability
  • Feasibility
  • Profitability
  • Fundability

We score your idea on the various factors through the process described below. Business idea is bench-marked, analysed for potential competition and compared with international model. Leverage on this to present your ideas to VCs to kickstart your business.

Payments- Total fees for the 'Validation of Business Idea' service will be Rs.21,000 with the following breakup:

Advance Payment-  Rs.8,000

Final payment      -  Rs.13,000

  We guarantee full confidentiality of your business idea, business plans, related documents and financials.


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